Active window and mouse location

Douglas Ruisaard dougr at
Fri May 11 11:09:14 EDT 2018

no apologies necessary... you got it completely right!... Unfortunately your idea doesn't work in Windows 7 and/or in LC v 8.1.9 (I've removed v9 for the time being, so it isn't available to try your idea).

The LC window remains "behind" any other window which I have made the top-most.  Luckily, this version of my utility is for *my* own use ... the user one doesn't need this sort of functionality... and, for the time being, isn't deployed to the Mac/Apple environments at all.

Thanks again .. I enjoy learning about such alternatives... likely, they will come into use in some future project!


Douglas Ruisaard
Trilogy Software
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> Apologies if I'm misunderstanding the problem or if someone already
> suggested this, but won't the stack come to the front if you just say
> "go to stack tMyStack" ?? Seems to me that would make it the topStack,
> which is apparently what you want (as I read it).
> Or if the stack is a mainStack, you could say "launch document
> tMyStackFilepath" and the same thing would happen.
> Another simple two-line approach:
>     push current card of stack tTheOneBehind
>     pop card
> The push/pop approach should work in any LC version. (I'm working in LC 9)
> Thanks -
> Phil Davis

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