How to dismiss keyboard on mobile

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Thu May 10 21:54:05 EDT 2018

I'd forgotten about this too. The description says:

"Handle the inputReturnKey message if you want to make changes to the 
interface or perform an action when the return key is pressed and focus is 
removed from an iosTextInput, androidTextInput or androidMultiline control."

This is ambiguous. Does it mean "the return key is pressed and no field 
currently has focus"? If so, how does it differ from the returnKey message? 
Or does returnKey not work with native fields?

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On May 10, 2018 8:30:36 PM Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via use-livecode 
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> (banging my head on the wall)
> "You have read the dictionary! You have to read the dictionary!" ha!
> Little did I know that:
> ------
> Mike Kerner wrote:
>    I personally use
>    *on* inputReturnKey
>    *focus* *on* nothing
>    *end* inputReturnKey
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> BR
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