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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon May 7 15:23:44 EDT 2018

Brian Milby wrote:

 > The end goal is to enable a binary stack to have the scripts within
 > tracked via GitHub.  A closely related goal is to enable editing of
 > said scripts via an external editor.  Script only stacks are not the
 > way that I want to go for these projects (they are distributed as
 > stacks and used within the IDE as plugins).  I've got import/export
 > working and a directory watcher that will start an import when a file
 > is updated.  Unlike lcVCS, this does not attempt to do anything with
 > tracking the other parts of the stack, just the scripts.

Ah, very cool.  Thanks.

As for the inconsistent bg refs which started this thread, my first 
inclination is that since consistent absolute refs are critical, any 
differences in what "long ID" returns based on what card you're on (or 
where you're sitting, or what day of the week it is, or other factors 
that don't change the object being referred to) would be a bug, since 
it's counter to the design goal of "long ID".

Was that resolved in a way that would illuminate me?

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