LC on Windows - slow for others or just me?

AndyP smudge.andy at
Thu May 3 02:08:16 EDT 2018

Must agree that 9 series is slower on Windows 10 than previous versions.

Win 10 pro 64 bit


1. Instances of Livecode do not always shut down correctly and have to be
closed via the Task Manager.Failure to notice this can cause IDE hangs,
crashes and corrupted scripts when saving.

2. Having the message box open slows the IDE and closing the message box
does not revert Livecode to its previous speed.

3. Having the  Project Browser open slows the IDE and closing the Project
Browser  does not revert Livecode to its previous speed.

4. The Project Browser does not keep in sync with all changes made to
stacks. For example when grouping components the Project  Browser will not
always show the new group but still display the components as separate
entities. Closing and restarting the Project Browser will show the groping

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