FindBar Demo Stack

Douglas Ruisaard dougr at
Wed May 2 13:50:20 EDT 2018

I'd be VERY interested... please, where I can find the demo?

Douglas Ruisaard
Trilogy Software
(250) 573-3935

> Hi all.
> I've pieced together a very simple demo stack of my FindBar group if anyone is interested. It comes
> with a 100 record sqlite database with a sites table to query against. By editing a constant in the
> FindBar field, you control which columns you want to do queries against. When the FindBar field is
> entered for the first time, it saves the contents of the datagrid, so that the cancel button in the
> FindBar group can restore the original data.
> Someone can turn this into a Widget if they like. I don't use widgets for the simple reason that I do
> not want to have to recompile them every time I move to a new version. When that eventually gets
> resolved, I think I will begin to use them more.
> Bob S

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