URGENT: MergGoogle no longer works on iOS: CLIENTS VERY UNHAPPY

Sean Cole (Pi) sean at pidigital.co.uk
Wed May 2 06:55:03 EDT 2018


Apparently, google stopped using their old method of oAuth and started
deprecation from 1March 2017. As of Apr 20 2018 it no longer works. My
clients rely on this feature and are shooting a pilot today (as in NOW!).
And the features built in no longer work as google docs no longer works.
Months in the making and preparation, and Google choose today of all days
to disallow it's use. FAB!!!

Why oh why oh why was this not addressed in the months leading up to this??
I am screwed and will not get paid now! I am sick and tired of how behind
Livecode gets. Off to find a cliff to jump from as this obviously wont get
fixed in time and I wont have any money to pay my bills as all of it went
it to putting this together! I'm as good as homeless. THANKS A MILLION!!

Sean Cole
*Pi Digital Productions Ltd*

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