LC on Windows - slow for others or just me?

Jason Chan jason.c at
Tue May 1 12:26:35 EDT 2018

I run LC9 on actual windows machine and I have the same problem too.

Whenever I edit or save or even just naviagating long scripts, 1000+
lines , with the live error and autocomplete on, there is a long lag
between actions.

The IDE is also extremely slow when I am in debug mode or when I
perform actions that creates multiple controls in real time.

It seems like having the message box open causes LC9 IDE to go from
slow to prohibitively slow. With the message box open, the entire IDE,
mostly the script editor becomes painfully slow to a point that it is
basically impossible to code. The solution to "fix" this is to go to
message box -> pending message -> close the message box. Closing
message box itself without going to pending message does not help.

I mostly develop on LC 8 now because LC 9 is just too slow to work on.

Jason Chan

Canela Software

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Okay, granted, I usually run Win 10 in a VM.

But every other program seems pretty snappy, barely distinguishable from a
bare-metal install.

And then there's LiveCode.  I'm running v9, and it's slower than molasses in

Is this just my setup, or are other Windows users finding LiveCode 9 at the
edge of prohibitively slow on Win10?

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