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Thank you!  And more questions 😊

I had read through the docs and I have tried the ios-universal folder - but I probably have the incorrect files in side of it.
I am working with the WowazaGoCoder api and I am not familiar with ios/mac file extensions and even more confused by the .framework directory

If the framework contains a dynamic library ( not 100% sure it does - but they have a framework directory and a wowza_gocoder_staticlib directory.. so guessing the framework is not static ) what would I copy into the /code/universal-ios/ directory?  The entire framework directory?



Of which the WowzaGoCoderSDK.framework/ contains:
	/_CodeSignature/CodeResources --- no file extension but is an xml file 
	/Headers/*.h - all the header files
	/WowzaGoCodersdk ---- this has no file extension at all

And is there any place I can look in what Livecode builds into the build directory to see if it copied over the library?  On the windows build there is a resources directory - and this was populated with the .dll.


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Hi Kevin

The code folder conform to the platform id spec. <>

For iOS it will likely be universal-ios presuming you have universal binaries and don’t have separate builds for each sdk. In iOS 8+ there is such a thing as a dynamic framework which may be why your library comes as a lib and a framework. There are also lots of libraries delivered as static frameworks which are just a hack to make delivery easier. Dropping any of these inside the code/universal-ios folder should work.

If the iOS library requires linker dependencies a text file
(`.txt`) may be included to list them in the form:

    {library | [weak-]framework} <name>

Note that if you only have a static library then as we don’t do static linking of our simulator builds it won’t work there.

> On 30 Jun 2018, at 6:15 am, Kevin Bergman via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Now I am trying to work with an ios external.  I have a static lib - 
> xx.a and a headers folder as well as a xx.framework folder.  I have no 
> idea where to put these items.
> Do I need to use staic and not the framework on ios?  Do I include the 
> headers folder or just the xx.a file?
> CVTTest\
>                xx.lcb
>                xx.livecode
>                code
>                                ??????

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