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On 6/27/18 12:28 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
>  > Or, if there is  just *one* thing that is true, for all "I found the
>  > file, here it is" cases
> If the result is empty you should be fine.

This. An empty result means the file exists and is accessible, so the 
script can continue and use the data in "it". If the result isn't empty 
you can report the error to the user, keep a log, have LC put up the 
report dialog, or whatever.

The "it" variable will almost always have content. In the case of a 
server error, it will contain the html text of the error page. But the 
result will have specific info about the error. A server error will 
contain the error number and a brief description (i.e., "error 403 
Forbidden"), and a connection error will report the type of error 
("timeout" for example) so usually there isn't any need to parse the 
data in "it".

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