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Wed Jun 27 14:14:25 EDT 2018

Hi Hermann,

> Am 27.06.2018 um 20:04 schrieb hh via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
>> Klaus wrote:
>> ... any opinion to the funky behaviour I experienced?
> Sorry, I overlooked that you are using LC 9.
> With LC 9 in edit mode the SVG widget is here moved with
> the mouse even without any script.

That's not what I experienced...
Thius is what happens here:
1. Create a stack
2. Create a SVG widget
3. Add this script to the SVG:
on mouseDown
 grab me
end mouseDown
4. Switch to POINTER tool
5. Nothing happens, no GRAB on mousedown!
6. Switch back to EDIT tool and move the mouse to the stack with the SVG,
et voila paranoia 8-)

Means the Widget (selected or not!) sticks to the mouse in EDIT mode and 
I cannot get rid of it unless I delete the widget or close the stack.

That cannot be desired behavior!?
Maybe will create a screen movie later...



Klaus Major
klaus at

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