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Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Jun 26 13:58:09 EDT 2018

Thanks Bob.. 

For years if been keeping a ping.txt file on the server. It contains "true" which tell me the server is available. Interesting enough, apple does the almost the thing. 

That suffices for the server. 

I agree that there in no way " to check if a page is *going* to be available" before you go there. I was thinking, if it "is" available, then we check into the header for one "param"  that would be "true". 

If we can avoid checking all errors.  Other the hand, error codes is a finite list so possible we can check with the small list of 5,6 errors code.


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    To see if the server is listening on a given port, use telnet <servername> <portnumber>
    You should get some kind of response within a reasonable period of time. If you know the IP of the server use that instead of the name and you can avoid DNS latency. Ping will only tell you if the server is on and accessible. 
    As far as page not found, I don't think there is an easy way to check if a page is *going* to be available before you go there. But if the server is listening on the correct port, but no delivering pages, the issue is internal with the server, hence the error codes. 
    Bob S

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