WordPress REST API's

Todd Fabacher tfabacher at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 11:12:34 EDT 2018

> Hmmm...maybe Todd can chime in on this ....I asked him a a few months back
> if it was good and safe to use in production...he said absolutely...so i
> kinda passed that on.

Yes, sorry I was a speaking at a conference. Hi Steve, I am happy to help.
There are several ways to connect to the WP REST API. UN/PW is one and
OAuth is another. You will need to add a plugin to WP to use the OAuth. I
will ask the team and get that for you.

>From version 4.7, the REST API ver2.0 is supported inside WP. You will need
to activate and allow it. I suggest checking the documentation first:

What you can also do is use postman to validate that everything is working
and your server is good to go. This way you can know if it is a server
issue or the connection issue from LC.

Our code supports ver 2.0 so it should not be an issue, and we have sites
that use it. Honestly, we switched to (Node.JS + Anguar) for most web
development, so we will not be using WP going forward, but we are happy to
help. You can email me directly tfabacher at gmail.com and I will try to help


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