Examples of encryption for database access

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Thanks, that makes it a lot easier. I have been tearing my limited hair out over trying to set Apache environmental variables and deleted a load of files on my server, accidentally.

This I can do.

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>> Mark:
>> I’ve been exploring, Googling, and my Web Host Manager to figure out where to set the environmental variables for the security keys. It might be nice if I could set different values for different subdomains on my server, but my Web Host Manager program states that it will put a copy of the keys in the .htaccess file. Is the .htaccess file for a domain a secure place to put the keys?
> Yes, that's a proper place to initialize server variables, and especially if you want different values for different subdomains, as you'll have a separate .htaccess file for each subdomain. In *theory* nobody has access to the . files except you.
> The .htaccess line will look something like
> SetEnv name value
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