Examples of encryption for database access

William Prothero waprothero at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 12:41:18 EDT 2018

Corrections to the posted code:
I changed the code to encrypt the returned text. I also note that using openSSL in php returns base64 data.

--------temp, testing iv for encryption
--To test this on your own server, upload the php script where you put cgi's
-- and modify the myURL setting.
//Be sure to change the encryption key and tiv value
on testEncryption
   put "http://earthexplorer.earthlearningsolutions.org/scgi-bin/wpEncryptionTest.php" into myURL
   put "AES-256-CTR" into tCipher
   put "AFBDDFCFBDBBDDCCFFACGHDFFFFEEDCC" into tEncryptionKey	//must be 43 chars
   put "ABCDEEABCDEEAA%A" into tIV	//must be 16 chars
   put "The php should return this text." into tPostA["theQuery"]
   put "query" into tPostA["type"]
   put ArrayToJSON(tPostA,"string",pPretty) into tJson
   encrypt tJson using tCipher with key tEncryptionKey and iV tIV
   put base64encode(it) into tMyEncryptedData
   post tMyEncryptedData to url myURL
   put it into tRet
   put tRet into fld "status"
   —Note that openSSL in php returns base64 encoded data.
   put base64decode(tRet) into tRetVal
   decrypt tRetVal using tCipher with key tEncryptionKey and iV tIV
   put it into theResult
   put theResult after fld "status"
end testEncryption
----------php script, on server ---------------------------
--Note:  you can run the above script on my server,
--to test the LC script.  
//file: wpEncryptionTest.php
//external function
 function debug($msg) {
     $debug = false;
     if ($debug) {
         error_log("[DB LIB] $msg");
         echo "$msg.\n";
//php code
 	$cipher = "AES-256-CTR"; // do not change cipher unless you know what you're doing
	$post = file_get_contents('php://input');
	$ivlen = 16;
	/* set for debugging. To encrypt, set to TRUE */
	$post = openssl_decrypt($post, $cipher, $encryption_key, $options=0, $iv);
	$req = json_decode($post,true);
	if (!$req) {
     	debug("error on decrypt");
 	$theOut = $req["theQuery"];  //This is just the text of the query
 	//$req is the array value of the tPostA array sent with the post comand.
	//Access the elements of tPostA using $req[“name of element”]
	//example: $req[“theQuery”] is tPoasA[“theQuery”]
 	$retVal = "Decrypted query: $theOut.\n";
 	$doEncryptOutput = TRUE;
 	if ($doEncryptOutput) {
    		$retVal = openssl_encrypt($retVal, $cipher, $encryption_key,0,$iv);
		//openSSL in php returns base64 encoded data.`	
	echo $retVal;		

William A. Prothero

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