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Do you know GIT?

A lot of us (developers) have "stuff on GIT" . You do a deep search through mailings

Search for "

And you will find the public repositories. I am sure you will find plenty!

Here is one example (be sure to get the nightly branch)

While it may not help you "produce apps" there are lots of cool code in stacks on RevOnLine.

Once you can have app to publish, you can go to lessons at the LiveCode site. To get you start with being an "Android developer" (hopefully they upgrade that lesson, soon!)

Since you are "starting from scratch" ... I don't you history in other languages, but you might check on "Levure" 


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    It is my understanding that apps created with the Community version of LiveCode are open source.  If so, how to you know what apps on the apps stores (Apple and Google) are created with LiveCode and how do you request a copy of the source code?  I have never published a LC app and am still in the learning stages.  I would like to know how I can actually have a look at other people's source code for learning purposes.
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