The results are in.

Tom Glod tom at
Thu Jun 21 09:41:58 EDT 2018

Great testimonial & results.... thank you for sharing.  Indeed LC is a
great choice for so many use cases.

 Thank you

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> The academic year has come to an end in Norway, and the results from
> various exams have just been released. I am happy to say that my Computer
> Science students have ended this year on a high note, with 55% of them
> scoring an A or A+ for their final exams. All students participating in the
> course have passed, with the average result for the whole class being
> between B and A. The majority of my students had never written a single
> line of code when they started this course. Thanks to LiveCode it has been
> possible for both me and my students to work our way through the
> curriculum, steadily building the skills and knowledge they needed in order
> to produce such great results.
> It is very satisfying to be able to use a tool like LiveCode. It has
> enabled us to focus on the core aims of the subject, rather than wrestle
> with an obscure syntax or incomprehensible error messages. We have been
> able to solve problems using a tool that is easily understood, rather than
> spending time learning to understand and/or solving problems with the tool
> itself. I would therefore like to use this opportunity to say thank you to
> all of the people in Edinburgh (and the occasional Australian) for the good
> work they are doing and the fantastic product they are delivering. I would
> also like to thank all of the people on this list for the many
> contributions that have proved invaluable for me and my students over the
> years.
> Kind regards
> Tore Nilsen
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