8.1.10 Reporting the ScreenSize of a iPhone7: 0,0,375,667

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Mon Jun 18 22:32:48 EDT 2018

Right, we know that, or so I thought...

but Panos said, "mysteriously"

"If your device is iPhone7 Plus, then you have to put the appropriate splash screens in the "iPhone 6 Plus Portrait" and "iPhone 6 Plus Lscape" slots in the standalone iOS settings."

I deem this a bug, continue to comment here or at:



Whose goal was to do a simple responsive design, my code for that is "ground zero, never coded this aspect of LC in 25 years"   and get to working on iOS and then submit for testing while the team it working on Android orientation "bugs" to test with before 9.1beta1 comes out.

I did not get even to first base!  If you have time, want to some fun, have at it

Go stack url "http://wiki.hindu.org/uploads/BrowserLandscapeTest.livecode"

The goal: get in a working first in iOS and turn into test in Android.

Remember: any screen size of any device, the group "Footer" and you remain the same size, just be centered at bottom the screen. The browser widget should be "dynamically" re-sized.

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