LiveCode - Andoid SDK - Java compatibility chart?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jun 18 13:22:56 EDT 2018

Douglas Ruisaard wrote:

 > I recently went through a similar experience when installing LC v9 on
 > an new desktop.  It took the best part of 1 hour (or maybe it was
 > more... it was so much fun!) and THAT knowing the specific files I was
 > looking for and needing to install.
 > It definitely tops my list of "most annoying pop-up's" to go through
 > the Java/Android hope-I-can-find-the right-file search process, fetch
 > the files, run the installs and have LC announce ... "WRONG SDK,
 > SUCKER!".  Good thing my monitors are anchored to my desk!

It would be great to have ONE single page describing a reliable recipe 
for setting up a system for Android builds in v9.  I suppose we'd need 
one for macOS, Win, and Linux.  It would need to be tech-edited for 
completeness, to make sure steps very familiar to the author are not 
glossed over for newcomers.

Y'all know how much I like LC, and how long I've been using it.  But 
somewhere in the v9 cycle I lost the ability to generate builds for 
Android, and piecing a recipe together from various parts of lessons and 
posts on this list has thus far failed to fix that for me.

If I'm having such difficulty, it seems safe to imagine a hundred others 
have the same, and many aren't as hooked as I am so they just uninstall 
LC and move on to anything with a more integrated build experience.

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