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I would love to be able to start a thread that formatted a field that might be selected and made visible at a later date or have a scrolling field that could have the non-visible lines being formatted in another thread before you scroll down. Say you were going to a new card that required a DB query. You could have the card layout code and the query to a local DB running at the same time. Even with LCs message hierarchy multithreading could work. You could fire off a DB query thread and have a message sent to the main thread when complete. Inter thread communication would be key. That is where locking would be tricky to prevent dead locks.

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Multithreading sounds like a good idea until you realize most things that have to happen in Livecode due to the message heirarchy need to be single threaded. It's only when you need to make a server of some sort that multithreading really needs to be implemented. 

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> I wasn't thinking about high language per se.   but more from an engine point of view, specifically use of "Goroutines"
> "But, most of the modern programming languages(like Java, Python etc.) are from the ’90s single threaded environment. Most of those programming languages supports multi-threading. But the real problem comes with concurrent execution, threading-locking, race conditions and deadlocks. Those things make it hard to create a multi-threading application on those languages.

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