Close nodes in Tree View widget

Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Jun 13 18:02:52 EDT 2018

I can't try it out right now - but would it be any good to set the 
arraydata to empty, and then load the new values you want ? That might 
(effectively) delete and recreate the relevant nodes, and thereby reset 
the status of the leaf nodes.


On 13/06/2018 19:13, Andrew Bell via use-livecode wrote:
> I'm working with the Tree View widget and have found that leaf nodes 
> stay open even after the arrayData has changed. For example, if I 
> click on leaf node 2 and 4 to open them up for further inspection but 
> then load new arrayData those same leaf nodes are already expanded 
> with the new data.
> Is there a way via code to close all the leaf nodes, or to restrict 
> the widget so only 1 node can be open at a time?
> --Andrew Bell
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