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The LC team takes custom requests, and you wouldn't have to tell them how 
to link the code into LiveCode. :) Write to support at and see 
what they say.
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On June 12, 2018 10:19:54 AM Douglas Ruisaard via use-livecode 
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> Thanks for the reply, Jacqueline.  I was hoping for a reply from you as one 
> of the Android experts on this list.
> Your response is as expected.  Yes, I am aware of Bluetooth usage on 
> Android.. and, ideally, THAT would be perfect... since I have a fully 
> developed and working iOS version of my app using Bluetooth via Monte's 
> excellent "mergBLE" kit.  I don't WANT to use the USB if I don't have to 
> but without adding yet another piece of hardware to the project (my 
> hardware guy would kill me!), WIFI sockets are not an option either. Serial 
> connectivity is "native" to all Arduino platforms and the Bluetooth is 
> built into our project for the iOS connectivity.
> If anyone could suggest a contractible resource who could "link" an open 
> source Java "library" to LC, that would be fantastic.  Hitting the 
> "yellow-pages" for such a resource seems to be an exercise in frustration 
> in terms of responsiveness of the variety of 10 - 12 supposed Android 
> development companies which tout development expertise.
> The Java source resource (in case anyone is interested and able) is from 
> Adafruit and can be found here:
> Regarding "... a custom Android external ...", if I can find a competent 
> Android developer (and, as I said, I REALY need some advice in that 
> regard), how would I instruct them to "link" their code to LC's?  I'm quite 
> ignorant about that aspect of LC development.. but willing to learn.
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>> On 6/10/18 10:44 AM, Douglas Ruisaard via use-livecode wrote:
>> > Apple, if it isn't known, requires you to sell your first-born, sign a 
>> contract in blood and then
>> embed a "special" hardware chip in your device in order to ALLOW USB 
>> connectivity.  I'm good with
>> using BlueTooth for iOS... but Android has me stumped unless this community 
>> can lend a hand.
>> You can use Bluetooth with Android as well, but we don't have an
>> external for that yet. USB connectivity has always been missing on all
>> platforms, and I don't know of any plans to add it.
>> It sounds like what you need is a custom Android external for BlueTooth.
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