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Thanks for the reply, Jacqueline.  I was hoping for a reply from you as one of the Android experts on this list.

Your response is as expected.  Yes, I am aware of Bluetooth usage on Android.. and, ideally, THAT would be perfect... since I have a fully developed and working iOS version of my app using Bluetooth via Monte's excellent "mergBLE" kit.  I don't WANT to use the USB if I don't have to but without adding yet another piece of hardware to the project (my hardware guy would kill me!), WIFI sockets are not an option either. Serial connectivity is "native" to all Arduino platforms and the Bluetooth is built into our project for the iOS connectivity.

If anyone could suggest a contractible resource who could "link" an open source Java "library" to LC, that would be fantastic.  Hitting the "yellow-pages" for such a resource seems to be an exercise in frustration in terms of responsiveness of the variety of 10 - 12 supposed Android development companies which tout development expertise.

The Java source resource (in case anyone is interested and able) is from Adafruit and can be found here:

Regarding "... a custom Android external ...", if I can find a competent Android developer (and, as I said, I REALY need some advice in that regard), how would I instruct them to "link" their code to LC's?  I'm quite ignorant about that aspect of LC development.. but willing to learn.

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> On 6/10/18 10:44 AM, Douglas Ruisaard via use-livecode wrote:
> > Apple, if it isn't known, requires you to sell your first-born, sign a contract in blood and then
> embed a "special" hardware chip in your device in order to ALLOW USB connectivity.  I'm good with
> using BlueTooth for iOS... but Android has me stumped unless this community can lend a hand.
> You can use Bluetooth with Android as well, but we don't have an
> external for that yet. USB connectivity has always been missing on all
> platforms, and I don't know of any plans to add it.
> It sounds like what you need is a custom Android external for BlueTooth.
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