PullDown Menu and the label

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Jun 8 16:05:46 EDT 2018

Bob Sneidar wrote:
 > I'm pretty sure this is a bug. If I set the label of a pulldown menu
 > button where the label was empty before, the button does not display
 > the label. I checked the property inspector, and the label is indeed
 > set, but the label does not display until I interact with the button
 > and actually select the menu choice.
 > Setting the text, then setting the label or even the menuHistory does
 > not suffice to display the menu label. Bug? Expected behavior? It
 > seems to work with every other menu button type.

Setting the text of a pulldown menu should not change that object's 
apparent label.  In any app, note the menu bar menus: items in a menu 
may change, but those changes do not change the name of the menu in 
which they appear.

As for the label property itself, yes, one of the wonderful things about 
LC is the ability to set object name and display label separately, so we 
can use names that have mnemonic value in our code while providing a 
graceful experience for the user.

But FWIW that seems to work here (v9, Ubuntu).

I've never seen it do otherwise.


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