Levure - flicker prior to displaying UI stack on iOS

Ralf Bitter rabit at revigniter.com
Tue Jun 5 13:36:19 EDT 2018

Currently I am developing an iOS app for iPad using
Trevor DeVore’s awesome Levure framework.

Unfortunately I am observing an annoying screen flicker
during the startup sequence while the UI stack is opened
and the Levure standalone is closed.
The iOS splash screen, as defined in settings, is shown,
then for a fraction of a second the screen is black just before
the UI stack becomes visible. This happens not only in the
simulator but on a real device (iPad Pro) too.

Did tests using a very simple UI stack, no code included, just
one card showing an image which is the same as the splash
screen so that the transition from the splash screen to the
UI stack should not be noticeable.

Probably this is not a Levure issue, may be this is the way
splash stack project setups behave on iOS.

Anyway, does anybody know how this flicker can be avoided?
Would be a great pity if I would have to ditch the Levure route.


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