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Tue Jun 5 11:44:44 EDT 2018

Hi Brahmanathaswami,

Congratulations for the release.

Just a quick note for the landscape issue on Android, this is now fixed and
it will be available in the next LC 9 release (9.0.1 RC-1):


On Tue, Jun 5, 2018 at 4:25 PM, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via use-livecode
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> It been many moons. I finally got a new version SivaSiva out the door to
> iOS.
> I want to especially thank an unsung hero that is busy in Edinburgh
> helping with support requests for business.
> Elanor Buchanan! Yay!
> She responsible is for the new "Listen" touch code for the new audio
> screen. With icons for collections that go left and right and and up down.
> Just like Spotify!  I use a single json file to build that interface in
> development and then to run it in the app. It scrolls *almost* as good an
> regular web scrolling.  The touch model of that screen is less on 50 lines
> of code.
> Thanks also to Jacque for the code  for the fetching an .ics file,
> download it and display a Hindu Calender (Panchangam)  and for Andre, who
> did a little "experiment" in the Read Module, Hindu Dictionary, but develop
> it as HTML5 that we should show in the browser widget and which
> communicates with the local SQLlite database (i.e. it not using web
> storage!).
> Given all the year of support from the community, I make the code open
> source.
> If you want to check out the app.
> DISCLAIMER: Its a labyrinth, slowly working  to refactor. But, original
> decision I made works well:
> Different modules are virtually independent, and only require the
> developer minimal access global framework. This way I can hire out new
> "pieces" (stacks) to people, and they code the way they want. This has pros
> and cons. But allows agile development across a team, who doesn't need to
> know the conventions of another developer. And believe me, people really
> code is different styles!
> This app would "huge" in gets Android, my target audience is gigantic in
> India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Singapore.. BUT
> Android: still unresponsive to navigation buttons, move from one stack to
> the next is like crap shoot,  Seven on good day and snake eyes the next
> moment, we have to "minutely" manage accelerateRendering otherwise "all
> hell breaks loose" -  landscape is not in parity to iOS. I have a landscape
> stack, on iOS it switch to landscape. I have browser code that allows you
> to rotate the phone.. works on iOS,  but does not on android. 8.1.10
> mobileSetFullScreenRectForOrientations orientations[, rect]. Does not
> work as expect (perhaps I am implementing wrongly, TBD)
> We are not in a situation as bad a Sean Cole. Non-profit. And not the same
> situation. But I feel for him. If I were an developer depending on Android,
> I would be dead the water, belly floating up .... I have been working TWO
> YEARs to get an app that runs fine on iOS and breaks to Android.
> Of course, I would expect a lot "in the platform in Android, then do it
> this way"  but no such thing...  I love the platform. You can "rule world"
> with Livecode in just 200 lines. My God! It already does everything,
> anything I can think of, I can get it done in 500 line of English readable
> code (minus the motion graphics).  We don’t need features. Please PLEEZE,
> consolidate, put as much effort as you can afford  in solving Android bugs.
> Brahmanathaswami
> Get the SivaSiva app, it's free:
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