Siva Siva App in iOS version 1.2 in now out

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Jun 5 11:25:43 EDT 2018

It been many moons. I finally got a new version SivaSiva out the door to iOS.

I want to especially thank an unsung hero that is busy in Edinburgh helping with support requests for business.

Elanor Buchanan! Yay!

She responsible is for the new "Listen" touch code for the new audio screen. With icons for collections that go left and right and and up down. Just like Spotify!  I use a single json file to build that interface in development and then to run it in the app. It scrolls *almost* as good an regular web scrolling.  The touch model of that screen is less on 50 lines of code.

Thanks also to Jacque for the code  for the fetching an .ics file, download it and display a Hindu Calender (Panchangam)  and for Andre, who did a little "experiment" in the Read Module, Hindu Dictionary, but develop it as HTML5 that we should show in the browser widget and which communicates with the local SQLlite database (i.e. it not using web storage!).

Given all the year of support from the community, I make the code open source. 

If you want to check out the app.

DISCLAIMER: Its a labyrinth, slowly working  to refactor. But, original decision I made works well: 
Different modules are virtually independent, and only require the developer minimal access global framework. This way I can hire out new "pieces" (stacks) to people, and they code the way they want. This has pros and cons. But allows agile development across a team, who doesn't need to know the conventions of another developer. And believe me, people really code is different styles!


This app would "huge" in gets Android, my target audience is gigantic in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Singapore.. BUT

Android: still unresponsive to navigation buttons, move from one stack to the next is like crap shoot,  Seven on good day and snake eyes the next moment, we have to "minutely" manage accelerateRendering otherwise "all hell breaks loose" -  landscape is not in parity to iOS. I have a landscape stack, on iOS it switch to landscape. I have browser code that allows you to rotate the phone.. works on iOS,  but does not on android. 8.1.10 mobileSetFullScreenRectForOrientations orientations[, rect]. Does not work as expect (perhaps I am implementing wrongly, TBD) 


We are not in a situation as bad a Sean Cole. Non-profit. And not the same situation. But I feel for him. If I were an developer depending on Android, I would be dead the water, belly floating up .... I have been working TWO YEARs to get an app that runs fine on iOS and breaks to Android. 

Of course, I would expect a lot "in the platform in Android, then do it this way"  but no such thing...  I love the platform. You can "rule world" with Livecode in just 200 lines. My God! It already does everything, anything I can think of, I can get it done in 500 line of English readable code (minus the motion graphics).  We don’t need features. Please PLEEZE, consolidate, put as much effort as you can afford  in solving Android bugs.

Get the SivaSiva app, it's free:

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