Access image EXIF info on mobile

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Fri Jun 1 23:08:14 EDT 2018

Hi Andrew

Thanks a lot for testing on your device with very interesting results! I saw your detailed addition to the bug report - that's great and I hope that it helps Monte discover and rectify the issue.

On Android it appears that just using mobilePickPhoto "library" seems to work ok and returns an image from which EXIF data can be extracted - though my testing has been very limited so far!

Thanks again for the help, appreciate it!




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Didn't bother to test on Android since mergAV isn't supported, but I
can confirm the crashes on simulated devices. When tested on physical
devices, the stack never crashed but didn't always work depending on
the source of the image. Even images from the same device didn't
always work, which makes me think there was a change somewhere in how
Apple wrapped the metadata. For instance: photo taken today didn't
show EXIF, but photo taken on same phone 6 months ago does (don't
remember what OS that would have been, but almost certain it was
different from current version).

I updated your bug report with my findings from 2 real and 2 simulated
devices using your test stack. One caveat is my simulated devices run
10.2 but my physical devices are running 11.x

--Andrew Bell

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> I have made a test stack to access EXIF information on both Android
> and iOS and submitted it under bug 21322:
> There is a problem (at least on the simulator) that causes a crash
> currently, hence my bug report. Hopefully the sample stack is useful
> for others and if anyone could test it on an iOS (or Android) device
> could you please comment on the bug report as to success or failure?
> Thanks!
> cheers
> Alan

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