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William Prothero waprothero at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 20:31:24 EDT 2018

Maybe someone can answer this easily and save me some hair pulling. I know it’s google-able, but I’ve tried and know it’s going to be a trudge to get the right format.

I want to make a query to a mySQL db that:
The table is named: “valveFlowsA”
I want the query to return the row with the maximum of a column named “iStoreGrp” when
columns named “meterNum” and “valveNum” are specified. So, with meterNum =1 and
valveNum =3, I would get the row for the maximum value of “iStoreGrp”.

All of these columns are integers.

If anybody has this query in their quiver of tools, please let me know.


William A. Prothero

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