Screen and window management...

Paul Dupuis paul at
Fri Jun 1 13:19:33 EDT 2018

In doing some scripting to hadle window and screen management for our
apps when multiple monitors are involved, I am puzzled by:

Why does the screenLoc not have the effective and/or working keywords
for it?????

A common item is to set the loc of window <somewindow> to the screenLoc
to center the window on the screen. A common practice for dialogs for
example. However, if screen real estate is used up by menubars,
taskbars, on screen keyboards or what have you what you really want is
the center of the available screen area for the app.

Obviously, I can get this from the effective working screenRect and then
just compute the center (roll my own realScreenLoc() function), but I am
curious from the LiveCode folks if there is some technical issue with
adding effective and working to the screenLoc or was this just something
no one ever asked for before?

P.S. If no one has asked, I'll file an enhancement request

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