Devawriter Pro: Fund Raiser Goes Live!

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I assume you’re taking the piss (jokingly I hope)

But it’s certainly fining it’s way into the market

The .9x on the end doesn’t remove the psychological aspect. Basically 7 ish is where people can be flipped from buying or not buying something that isn’t really needed and also the sweet spot where you can have a subscription on credit/debit card for a year or more on something you are not using and just put off cancelling because in the scheme of things it isn’t a mortgage.

As an example of NOT following this rule there is a direct debit going out of my account for extended warranty for a VISTA Laptop I had probably in 2006 or 7 that either says I have more money than sense,but I assure you it’s not the former which makes it a contradiction, a paradox or an oxymoron - answers on a postcard please. I phoned up once to cancel and I ended up telling the twat on the end of the phone where to stick his head.



The great Tesla said that the keys to the universe were the numbers 3,6 and 9 but fiat currency  never plays nice with reality.

On a personal note if there is something that I want and it’s easier (or faster) to get at £7 instead of 5 my time is worth more than saving £2 on anything especially a one off  - but that’s me 

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> Lagi Pittas wrote:
> > I would put a couple of "we love ya" perks $1 $5 or $7 (there is some
> > psychology with the last one).
> I would love to learn more about 7, but when I went searching I just found the usual articles about the psychology of 9 and 5.  Where can I learn more?
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