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Wed Feb 28 21:24:00 EST 2018

Thanks for testing! Tickled that it actually worked.

As far as installing for individual use, I haven't stumbled on a way to do
that, so i'm not sure if its possible either.

Thanks for the reminder about the link. It does work easier by changing the
dl=0 to a 1, so here's the alternate link.  (I did choose "copy public
link" but it defaults to that page where you have to choose between direct
download or download to Dropbox.  The new link should fix that. )

There is default compression used when building the deb, but obviously it
needs to be tweaked.  Not much real overhead as all it does is bundle up
the proper directory structure, with a control file (straight text) that
sets some parameters.  I'll see if I can get better encryption because it
is a big on the large side.

If I can get things shrunk down and reliable, would you (or anyone) be
interested in a selection of versions converted to deb?  I don't think it
would be very difficult to automate much of it.
The only hard part on my end is the horrendously slow up connection I have.
(runs a little under a half a Mbps.)

Reading while answering, I think I may have some compression clues to
follow up.

Thanks Mark

On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 6:48 PM, Mark Wieder via use-livecode <
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> On 02/28/2018 11:37 AM, Mike Bonner via use-livecode wrote:
>> I decided to see how hard it was to turn LC into a deb package.  So far it
>> hasn't been too difficult, the only thing I need to find again is how to
>> have the icon auto update during the install. (as it is, to see the lc
>> icon
>> one must log out and in for it to show up, otherwise its the generic icon
>> that shows... I have the answer to that specific thing.. I just need to
>> remember where I put it. :)
>> I built the .deb package on ubuntu 16.4.  Currently, I don't know if it
>> will function as is on earlier versions, and would also like others to
>> test.  This is the x64 version.
>> Any of you who like messing with vm's, would you mind downloading it and
>> seeing if it will work? (I'd rather a safe check in a vm rather than a
>> production system obviously, though there isn't all that much that could
>> go
>> wrong.. i'm still paranoid)
>> The link to it is here:
>> 11_x64.deb?dl=0
>> To install, at a command prompt run: dpkg -i  livecode_9.0.0_dp_11_x64.deb
>> I added some dependencies to the deb, but i'm unsure (so far) what might
>> need to be adjusted for earlier versions (if anything.)  Still trying to
>> get a handle on how it all works.  (it seems deceptively simple, so i'm
>> pretty sure i'm missing something!)
> Installed properly here on linux Mint 17.3. I opened with the Gdebi
> package installer first rather than following my first instinct to go with
> a commandline. That let me look at the install directories, and everything
> seemed fine, so I clicked install. No problems installing, and it showed up
> properly in the menu.
> A few things here:
> You might want to change the download link - Dropbox lets you do this in a
> couple of different ways, and the one you selected requires that the
> downloader have a Dropbox account as well. You can alternately create a
> download link that anyone can use without needing an account.
> The installer installs to the /opt/livecode directory, which doesn't offer
> the option of installing just for the current user. That doesn't bother me,
> since it's what I wanted anyway, so I'm just noting it. Also, I'm not sure
> if it's desirable or feasible to create a .deb installer that would only
> install for the current user.
> And the size of the installer is a bit of a boggler. The installer from
> the downloads.livecode page is a bit under 400MB, and the .deb installer is
> 628MB. That seems like a lot of overhead. Just curious.
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