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Wed Feb 28 18:40:03 EST 2018

Here is a script I use. A lot of this stuff won't make sense because it is part of my interface with sqlYoga, but the core is a repeat loop where I open a socket to the server, then check if the socket is among the lines of the openSockets. If it is I exit the repeat loop and close the socket, then return true, otherwise I wait 1 second, then try again. After 5 failed attempts I alert the user and offer to try again (2 repeat loops) until t he user cancels in which case I exit to top. 

This has worked fairly well for me. On the flip side I religiously ensure I close the database connection after I am done with it, but of course you are using it to access a file. Same principle though. 

Bob S

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> I know this is a golden oldie, but I can’t find a reference… I have a script that wants to check a file on a server, and basically to do nothing if the program is offline.
> Remind me, is there an easy way to tell from within an LC standalone if the internet is not accessible? I don’t want my program to hang. I understand the URLStatus will eventually tell me if access did not occur, but I don’t understand how to limit the waiting time to something reasonable. I notice that some browsers can actually display a message saying something like “you are not connected to the internet” - how do they do that?
> Graham
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