building deb packages

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Wed Feb 28 14:37:31 EST 2018

I decided to see how hard it was to turn LC into a deb package.  So far it
hasn't been too difficult, the only thing I need to find again is how to
have the icon auto update during the install. (as it is, to see the lc icon
one must log out and in for it to show up, otherwise its the generic icon
that shows... I have the answer to that specific thing.. I just need to
remember where I put it. :)

I built the .deb package on ubuntu 16.4.  Currently, I don't know if it
will function as is on earlier versions, and would also like others to
test.  This is the x64 version.

Any of you who like messing with vm's, would you mind downloading it and
seeing if it will work? (I'd rather a safe check in a vm rather than a
production system obviously, though there isn't all that much that could go
wrong.. i'm still paranoid)

The link to it is here:

To install, at a command prompt run: dpkg -i  livecode_9.0.0_dp_11_x64.deb

I added some dependencies to the deb, but i'm unsure (so far) what might
need to be adjusted for earlier versions (if anything.)  Still trying to
get a handle on how it all works.  (it seems deceptively simple, so i'm
pretty sure i'm missing something!)


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