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> I'm developing a desktop app for Mac & PC that displays photos of coins. I'd like to display them at real size but I can't find the properties for the current screen (i.e. the one that my app is running on.  I can get the screen colour depth, resolution, scaling factor, etc. but not the physical size on the screen such as "27 inch diagonal" or physical px per inch.
> Can anyone tell me how to get this info, either using just LiveCode or via Mac/PC shell/command scripts?

We make vision testing software. This requires very accurate representations of visuals on screen. For this we ask the user to enter in the diagonal screen size. Because this is a vertical app, that comes along with installation services, this is normally done by the installer. You will get accurate sizing using this method.

For the wider spectrum of users, we can get those values if you have control over the range of devices they are using. For one app, iOS only, we ask them to select the device they are using. We still use diagonal screen size as the metric for the math under the hood.

For truly horizontal markets, having them enter in the value may or may not be acceptable. If the tool requires the utmost in accuracy, then the user may be asked. For UI layout purposes, pixelDensity() may be enough to get you through.

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