Background color in an 'answer' dialog?

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Wed Feb 28 10:56:01 EST 2018

dunbarx wrote:

 > As a follow-up, is there anywhere a list of all IDE stacks? For
 > example, the stack named "answer dialog", though perfectly logical,
 > is not listed anywhere, and the names of some stacks, like the script
 > editor, have changed over the several LC versions.

For stacks in memory, Panos' suggestion of changing Prefs to show IDE 
stacks is great.

For stack files (including script-only stacks) on disk, see the Toolset 
folder in your LC app bundle/folder.

For super-quick access to IDE scripts, consider devolution's MPath, 
which not only has a checkbox for showing LC scripts, but even more 
easily that can be toggled with the space bar while the MPath pane is open:

Designed for quick access for scripting, everything in devolution's 
MPath pane has hot key shortcuts:

The devolution plugin for LC is freely available here:

 > It is a great way to get oneself in real trouble, but also useful if
 > one wants red answer dialog boxes.

Yes, "if". ;)

Tip: given the frequency of new LC builds, I've found it very helpful to 
automate IDE modification through scripts triggered on launch, as 
opposed to modifying the IDE stacks on disk.

Two benefits to this approach:

1. If you like your changes, they'll survive LC updates.

2. If you don't like your changes, reverting back requires nothing more 
than removing your plugin and re-launching.

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