IDE Cursor icon often hangs on windows

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Feb 28 10:24:43 EST 2018

Tiemo Hollmann wrote:

 > On Windows, since LC 8 the icon of the cursor often "hangs", it just
 > keeps the icon from the last action and doesn't changes back to the
 > standard pointer icon when moving around the screen, so that I often
 > have to select any action with the "resize cursor" - just an example.
 > It's not essential, but a little bit annoying. Anything I can do?
 > Is it known? Shall a file a bug report, though it will be hard to make
 > a recepie?

If you do file a bug report please post the URL here.  I've seen this 
with v9 under Ubuntu, but haven't reported it yet as it's intermittent 
and I haven't yet found a recipe.  If I do come up with a recipe I'll 
share it here.

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