Quit Command corrupts standalone (stack called by standalone splash)

R.H. roland.huettmann at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 10:40:07 EST 2018

Hi Richard and all contributing...

Thanks a lot for all answer...)))

I have received the corrupted files from clients (original stack that is
split into two files during save I guess) and will prepare a bug report
attaching them together with the original stack.

It is very difficult to know about which machines are creating the problem.
Definitely, it happens on other peoples machines using Windows 7 and 10,
and it happened before on my own.

The standalone will start showing strange behaviors especially when the
user clicks the standard Windows close button on the upper left corner.
That should usually invoke the "closeStack" handler. Using my own "Quit"
menu seems to be safer. Using try and catch and various ways of quitting
and saving did not make any difference. The error message using "catch" in
the "try" statement should have been written to a separate file on the
client's machine, but it did not even create a file. In the IDE there are
no errors visible.

What happens is that on the user's machine the blueish mouse wheel is
turning and then there is no longer any mouse action even on the Desktop
and the window turns white and the app becomes non-responsive. After a
while, about 30 seconds to 1 minute, the app disappears and also there is
no longer any process visible.

I will once again try sending a copy without any "save" and just a forced
quit and see what happens. Then user would have to save manually before
closing -- if that could be a reason for the corrupted file.

This is using Indy 8.1.9 but happened in earlier versions as well.


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