Can't play anymore mp4 videos with 8.1.7

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Tue Feb 27 05:15:20 EST 2018



I have some windows machines, which doesn't play anymore my mp4 videos with
LC 8.1.7 / 8.1.9


I am using mp4 videos with the standard player object (no quicktime). So
that mp4 videos can be played on windows machines you need a mp4 video
filter. All my customers install the LAV filter (mp4 filter) and that worked
fine with my LC 8.1.4 program.


I updated my program with LC 8.1.7 and my videos still play fine on most
windows machines, also on my machines. Now I get feedback from two
customers, where my videos don't play anymore, the videoscreen just stays
black, no error message, the result is empty. My same program has already
run fine at these two customers with the 8.1.4 version, so the LAV filters
are installed.


I made some tests, but couldn' track the issue down. I gave one of theses
customers three identical version of my program. One build with LC 8.1.4,
one with 8.1.7 one with 8.1.9 without any other changes. Only the 8.1.4
version shows the videos. On the other hand the videos are played fine at
most other customers also with my 8.1.7 version. So it seems, like there has
something been changed in the LC 8.1.7 engine, which doesn't affect all
computers, but some and I have no idea, where to look for.


Does anybody from the mothership knows, what has been changed in the
multimedia API? Any ideas, what I can do or how I could narrow the issue, if
there are no error messages?


Thanks for any ideas









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