Xcode 9.2 & LC 8.1.9

Pyyhtiä Christer christer at mindcrea.com
Mon Feb 26 08:28:58 EST 2018

Combination Xcode 9.2 and LC 8.1.9 creating iOS app states:

There was an error while saving the standalone application
..then about 20 ines of groups of numbers and different command logs.

However, it sloowly starts in simulator, directly from LC - provided that you select only one device from the menu.

Tried carefully make sure the profiles were set up etc.

Of course it can depend on having High Sierra installed, as it was recommended if you want to install Xcode 9.3, which is required for iPhone X.

Any hints?

PS.  I would definitely recommend NOT installing High Sierra.  It cuts the performance, messes up your contacts, applications crash all the time, application windows disappear and you need to kill them to get back.  High Sierra in my opinion is a big disaster.

Christer Pyyhtiä
MindCrea Ltd
christer at mindcrea.com

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