Question about the result

jbv jbv at
Sun Feb 25 08:50:35 EST 2018

Hi list

According to LC dictionary, the result "Returns the status of the last
command that was executed". But I had 2 unexpected experiences on my
on-rev account recently :
1- a line such as
   put URL ("" & it) into myVar
never went through (because it was corrupted : contained some extra
characters such as ascii 10), however the result remained empty.

2- when trying to create a zip archive
   revZipOpenArchive "home/myaccount/public_html/dir1/dir2/dir3", "write"
the name of directory "dir2" had been changed and therefore "dir3" could
not be found; however the result remained empty.

I know that in the 2nd case I could use the sysError function, but
according to the doc, the result shouldn't be empty anyway...
So my question : am I expecting too much from the result, like containing
some useful error message every time something doesn't work as expected ?

Thanks in advance.

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