widget properties

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Sat Feb 24 18:11:53 EST 2018

> Richard G. wrote:
> What's missing is support for the universal method by which we can 
> obtain property info, "the properties" function.

In order to work with a widget you have to know what the single properties
do. I can't see what should be the purpose of such a "full list". 

> Given that the engine is apparently already able to obtain that info, 
> adding it to the universal mechanism for this should seem short work, no?

Yes, this last part. Using "the properties" you can get what's implemented
for use in the property inspector, but NO short work for the author's part:

(a) The LCS-LCB conversions are not simple, e.g.
= Number-Text conversions (for lists),
= LCB hast true lists, LCS not,
= LCS has arrays with numbers as keys, LCB not.
The widget's author has to implement all such conversions.

(b) The property inspector has not enough (appropriate) tabs for a widget
with a lot of properties.

With my first widgets the properties-part needed up to 70% of work and
code lines. I have it down to 10% now and I will reduce that for new and
updated widgets to a short list (which is not a property).
Will introduce preferences files instead.

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