widget properties

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Sat Feb 24 12:57:56 EST 2018

> Richard G. wrote:
> When we query the properties of any object, we get an array that lets us 
> understand and even reproduce that object easily.
> Except with widgets.
> When we query the properties of a widget we get only the subset of 
> properties common to all widgets, but none of the properties unique to 
> any given widget type.
> Should the widget spec be enhanced to map its unique properties to be 
> included among "the properties" array?

A widget is not an ordinary "object". It's more like a micro-standalone.
You'll get what the author provides, as with a standalone or an external.

The documentation and property-infos are a *lot* of work and will raise
the price of a widget (if not free), just as with standalones or externals.

> Brian M. wrote:
> One other thing that could be done is to extend the export to include
> everything that the engine knows about the widget (i.e. add the
> properties array to it).

The widget author can already do that by defining a list of persistent 
properties. Why should the engine override that?

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