another mac to Windows gotcha

Paul Dupuis paul at
Sat Feb 24 09:44:54 EST 2018

controlKeyDown is absolutely available on Windows. See the dictionary
entry in LC8.1.9 for example. What version of LiveCode are you using?

On 2/24/2018 9:04 AM, Tim Selander via use-livecode wrote:
> Hi,
> Trying my first little LC app on Windows. I wrote an app on osx and am
> now trying to get it to work in a Win7 machine.
> On the mac app, I use ctrl-J, ctrl-K, and ctrl-L to control the video
> player. JKL is pretty standard video player control in video editing
> software.
> On the mac app, the card script 'listens' for controlkeydown, and if
> the other key is J K or L, sends the appropriate go, stop, reverse
> command to the player.
> Have just discovered controlkeydown is not available on windows. Is
> there an equivalent? What would the windows guy and gals here use?
> Thanks,
> Tim Selander
> Tokyo, Japan
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