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Fri Feb 23 13:52:23 EST 2018

Hi Todd,

One thing that is REALLY missing is a widget to print from Android -
specifically Receipt printers preferably via bluetooth and via Wifi -
both for people out and about on business, either having a portable
It seems google cloudprint doesnt have any reciept printers
(epson/star/Fujitsu using the epson ESC protocol) on its list of
supported printers. So I am using 8 inch Windows 10 tablets for ease
of use - the customers don't care but I do.
I also  attach a printer to a windows tablet with an app running on
the tablet waiting for the information to print from the Android
tablet .

There are two ways of doing it that I can see.

1 - An app that is installed on the android tablet that you invoke
with a pdf of what needs to be printed - Worldwide developer market
for that - just look at stackoverflow -- which could bring new people
into the fold.
2. A widget priced on two levels with or without source although I
would open source this (but still charge - any developer who wouldn't
pay for it should be shot at dawn without a last meal) because many
people will add to the printers supported. If you can't or won't then
charge extra for the source code , cos as sure as eggs is eggs it will
need to be tweaked.

The other important widget is that for the Beacons which is on your
list - If you can give access to the low level routines in the widget
- or even create a script only stack that would mean more flexibility
so we can "override" certain defaults - unless you've thought of
everything ;-)

Thanks and good luck

Regard Lagi

On 22 February 2018 at 11:38, Todd Fabacher via use-livecode
<use-livecode at> wrote:
> Thanks...But nobody gave any suggestions????
> Roger Eller wrote: do you mean it should work on ANY of the
> "LiveCode-supported" platforms, both desktop and/or mobile?
> --Honestly, our main focus will be mobile at first, but our goal is all
> platforms. As you can see in the list, many are mobile issues that
> LiveCode currently has no access to.We will try but all platforms may come
> after we have completed the mobile and worked out the bugs for LCB.
> hh wrote: Please start with *cross-platform-native* widgets for all of the
> UI elements in
> the LC Tools (which all are "basic").
> --Yes, Ali has provided a good multiplatform example of a button. We are
> taking this example and creating a structure/template for all basic UI
> widgets.  This is our goal, but the #1 goal right now is mobile and getting
> them in a widget store for people to purchase and use. But before 2021
> should not be an issue. We need to get the LC platform access to Native
> functionality to the coders because the competition is doing this. We need
> it to get new members and keep existing community members.
> BTW HH, thanks for the LBC property sample app you did, it was helpful.
> --Todd
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