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that sounds really promising. Any ideas already if the “to be payed” widgets are offered as a yearly subscription or for a  time payment?

Widget request: A widget that allows to place an icon (including menu function) into the menu bar on Mac OSX or into the task bar on the right (don´t know the exact expression in english for that area) on Windows
I know LC already allows this on Windows, but a widget which supports both OSes would be better. So one has to code it once for both instead of coding it for each OS seperately.


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> Am 21.02.2018 um 22:10 schrieb Todd Fabacher via use-livecode <use-livecode at <mailto:use-livecode at>>:
> Hello LiveCoders,
> I hope all is going well. As Kevin announced before...Gurgen, myself, the
> DP team and the FANTASTIC  LiveCode team [providing wonderful support] are
> working on creating LCB widgets that will catapult the LC platform and
> improve productivity.
> I have been in touch with a few people to get their ideas and needs, but I
> wanted to reach out and check with the community. At first, we have decided
> to focus these for round one:
> Basic Native UI elements
> Native Maps
> Voice to Text
> Bluetooth Device Connection
> Beacons
> Security/Fingerprint
> Playing sound/music in the background when the phone sleeps like Spotify or
> iTunes.
> For Phase Two we are looking at...
> BarCode Scanner & Maker
> Charts
> iCal like Calendar [Day, Week, Month, Year]
> Clipboard for mobile
> We are mostly looking at creating many UI elements and functionality that
> is native and not accessible now and other widgets that will save days of
> coding by grouping functionality into one simple widget [with the difficult
> code encapsulated].
> A few of the controls will be open sourced but the vast majority will be
> for sale at a reasonable price. Sorry, Gurgen and Team don't work for free
> and my landlord does not have an open source building, so please save the
> digital trees with replies of why we should be open source.
> We are excited and will be working VERY hard. Good News, DP was VERY
> successful at the Seaside Summit in UEA. We also have two LiveCode based
> startups selected to be profiled at Collision Conference
> <> in April. One App is coded for Android, iOS,
> Windows, MacOS, LINUX local Server & TV HDMI output and a big LiveCode
> Server implementation for the cloud. It uses TCP, UDP, HTTPS, and SFTP
> protocols. Extensive encryption and a distributed network that will have
> 200,000 simultaneous global users. WOW...all of this with one code base -
> that is the power of LiveCode.
> --DP & LC teams
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Matthias Rebbe
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