LiveCode Widget Factory

Todd Fabacher tfabacher at
Thu Feb 22 06:38:31 EST 2018

Thanks...But nobody gave any suggestions????

Roger Eller wrote: do you mean it should work on ANY of the
"LiveCode-supported" platforms, both desktop and/or mobile?

--Honestly, our main focus will be mobile at first, but our goal is all
platforms. As you can see in the list, many are mobile issues that
LiveCode currently has no access to.We will try but all platforms may come
after we have completed the mobile and worked out the bugs for LCB.

hh wrote: Please start with *cross-platform-native* widgets for all of the
UI elements in
the LC Tools (which all are "basic").

--Yes, Ali has provided a good multiplatform example of a button. We are
taking this example and creating a structure/template for all basic UI
widgets.  This is our goal, but the #1 goal right now is mobile and getting
them in a widget store for people to purchase and use. But before 2021
should not be an issue. We need to get the LC platform access to Native
functionality to the coders because the competition is doing this. We need
it to get new members and keep existing community members.

BTW HH, thanks for the LBC property sample app you did, it was helpful.


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