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On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 11:20 AM, Mike Kerner via use-livecode <
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> I'm interested in hearing more about other people who are thinking about
> moving existing projects over.  I've moved several small ones over (and
> built a couple from scratch), and have been thinking about moving my bigger
> ones.  I'm not sure how much work it's going to be to rewrite anything,
> though (which is why I'm curious to hear what others think before I decide
> to move something big and get stuck).  Geoff has tackled one of the bigger
> issues with Navigator (scriptifying stacks and chained behaviors).  That
> seems to be the biggest barrier to getting moved for me.

Remember that you don’t have to scriptify anything in order to move a
project over to Levure. Scriptifying stacks is only necessary in order to
properly incorporate version control software (VCS) into your project.
Levure itself doesn’t care whether or not your stacks are binary or script

I *think* this is the bare minimum someone would need to do if they wanted
to move their app to Levure:

1) Pull out library, frontscript, back scripts from app and put in proper
folders in Levure app.
2) Pull out any code that runs at app startup and place in the
`InitializeApplication` or `OpenApplication` handlers in the Levure
`app.livecodescript` script. Make sure and open the first stack the user
should see at the end of the `OpenApplication` handler.
3) Pull out any code that needs to run when the application quits and place
it in `PreShutdownApplication` in the Levure `app.livecodescript` script.
4) Pull out your UI stacks and place them in the proper folder structure
for Levure.
5) Configure the standalone.livecode stack for your app, making sure to
include any externals or extensions your app uses.

Once you’ve finished the above steps and your app runs as it did before
then you can choose to go back and scriptify your stacks. You could start
with the libraries, front and back scripts. Then move to the UI stacks
using something like Navigator or the PI in LC 8 or 9 to convert control
scripts to behaviors one at a time.

If you step back and look at what Levure is doing it isn’t terribly
complicated conceptually:

* It provides a project structure for your UI stacks, library stacks,
behavior stacks, etc. Because Levure projects use YAML files and the file
system they are VCS friendly.
* It provides a plugin system (helpers) that allows you to drop in

Because of these qualities, Levure can automate the launching, packaging,
and updating of your app. It can also facilitate the addition of features
which require multiple stacks and/or extensions.

Trevor DeVore

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