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That's a amusing observation of font names.


If a MS Word doc is using the Adobe Helvetica and the next user only has a
MonoType Helvetica, then Word will substitute the MonoType font without
warning. Then if the next user has neither font, Word will substitute a
"Helvetica like" font, again without warning. A PDF created from this
document will be problematic when pre-flighted..


I'm planning to use LC to produce "print ready" PDFs. +100 to the mother
ship for removing LiveCode's phony font styling .



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On 20 Feb 2018, at 16:34, Ralph DiMola wrote:

had many font issues over the years and I figured that the industry would
get it together.

Given that the font world calls eighteenth century font designs 'Modern' and
early/mid 19th century sans-serifs 'Grotesque', I wouldn't hold my breath...



Keith Martin
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