Levure update 0.9.5

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at roadrunner.com
Tue Feb 20 12:20:48 EST 2018

I'm interested in hearing more about other people who are thinking about
moving existing projects over.  I've moved several small ones over (and
built a couple from scratch), and have been thinking about moving my bigger
ones.  I'm not sure how much work it's going to be to rewrite anything,
though (which is why I'm curious to hear what others think before I decide
to move something big and get stuck).  Geoff has tackled one of the bigger
issues with Navigator (scriptifying stacks and chained behaviors).  That
seems to be the biggest barrier to getting moved for me.

On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 11:09 AM, Bob Sneidar via use-livecode <
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> He has some youtube videos, which after watching I understood the process
> well enough to know that it would be a fairly major rewrite of my projects
> to incorporate. It looks really cool, and I keep telling myself I'm going
> to do this soon.
> Bob S
> > On Feb 20, 2018, at 04:46 , Graham Samuel via use-livecode <
> use-livecode at lists.runrev.com> wrote:
> >
> > Ha, that was my instinct really. I very much admire Trevor’s work, but I
> do think there’s quite a change of mindset involved, and from the very
> limited stuff I’ve seen, not very much step-by-step instructions on how to
> do things. Nowadays I really want to stick to the “everyone an code” ethos,
> although in the past I was happy with any amount of technical tweaking.
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