libsodium on LiveCode?

Brian Milby brian at
Mon Feb 19 16:56:07 EST 2018

Made my first attempt to just initialize the library and something is not

Message execution error:
Error description: LCB Error in file
C:/Users/milby/Dropbox/LiveCode/Downloads/lcSodium/sodium.lcb at line 34:
unable to load foreign library
Hint: runtime

Here's all that the LCB does:

private __safe foreign handler _sodium_init() returns CInt binds to
public handler sodiumInit() returns Integer
return _sodium_init() --this is line 34
end handler

DLLs are in code\x86-win32 and code\x86-win64
(tried with and without the !stdcall)

I probably need to start with something a little simpler ;)

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